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Fundraise your organization at Hyperdrive

Fundrasing made fun with Hyperdrive’s Sunday Fun Day

Hyperdrive is now giving you the opportunity to raise funds for your club, not for profit, school, charity, sports club, etc.

Fundraising events will be offered on Sunday evenings, we give you a 2 hour window from 6 – 8 pm to raise as much funds as you possibly can. Gather supporters, parents, members, etc to race as much as possible.

30% of all race sales will be donated to your cause.

Take this opportunity to get together as many people as you possibly can to raise as much funds as you possibly can. The more people you can get to attend your fundraiser the more money you can make to help your cause.

This is a new, innovative, exciting way to fundraise.


  1. Fill out the form in the link below and one of our friendly team members will be in contact to help you organize the most effective and fun event possible.
  2. Get as many people as you can to attend your fundraiser event. The more people you can get to attend the more money you will raise! Hyperdrive will mention your event in our social media, emails, and in store.
  3. Come and race for 2hrs, from 6pm to 8pm and use the center how you would like to. Organize food vans, speeches, side shows, music, or other entertainment etc. Or just use our current facilities, including our cafe, and have the best time racing on the best kart track in Australia.