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Win the Ultimate Christmas Party for your work organisation by competing in the ultimate team building exercise.

Introducing the Ultimate Work Day Challenge – the perfect opportunity for your work organisation to compete in the ultimate team building exercise.


Book any weekday or weeknight for your group and choose between a Grand Prix or Whole Track Hire to compete for the best times on our leaderboard.

But that’s not all – the benefits of the Ultimate Work Day Challenge go beyond just the thrill of the race. Also receive:

  • Prize and medals for the best racers of the day.
  • Extended race briefing, giving your whole crew extra racing tips for the best chance of winning.
  • $25 pre-event practice races, any weekday or weeknight in the lead up to the event.
  • Shoutout on our Hyperdrive Social Media pages, with best scores from the day.

… and you will join the hall of fame. See how your crew and overall business rank against others in the competition.

But the ultimate prize is yet to come – if your business is the top-ranking team by the end of November, you’ll win The Ultimate Christmas Party! Your whole group will enjoy loads of racing, fully catered food and drinks, and transportation to and from your workplace is included. And, for those not racing, alcoholic drinks will be available to really get the party started.

Packages start as affordable as under $25 per person for one race each, and go up to around $95 per person for a Grand Prix, the ultimate Hyperdrive experience. Contact us today to work out the best package for your organisation’s budget.

Don’t miss your chance to take on the Ultimate Work Day Challenge and give your team a team-building experience they’ll never forget. Contact us today to book your race!

Bookings We Offer

Competitive Group

Book a Grand Prix, the most exciting use of the track.

Casual Group

Book private races and have exclusive use of the track.

Casual or Larger Group

Hire the whole track for one hour or more and race your way.


Use the event planer below and receive a discount

The more you book, the greater the discount

Once you have completed your event plan, our friendly staff will contact you within 24 hours to ensure you have chosen the best options for you and your group.

Team Leaderboard
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Individual Leaderboard
Points are up for grabs in the Ultimate Workday Challenge based on your individual lap times and your teams combined scores. The points system is simple – the faster your lap time, the more points you’ll receive. But it’s not just about individual speed. For each member of your team that manages a sub-46-second lap time on the combined Enduro Track, or sub-19-seconds on the indoor Sprint Track, your group will earn even more points!


Super Shifter Kart Handicap
To ensure a fair and balanced competition, we’ve placed some handicaps on the faster shifter karts. For the enduro track, a four second penalty will be added, and for the indoor track, a one second penalty. So get ready to push your limits, work together, and have a blast as you race towards the Ultimate Christmas Party!

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