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Sodi Adult Kart

This amazing electric kart has more instant acceleration and top speed than any typical petrol kart.

This kart is perfect for both beginner and experienced racers

  • Top speed of up to 70km/h with boost
  • Incredible acceleration
  • Adjustable seats and pedals
  • World class safety features
  • Age 13+ years
  • Min height 140cm

Junior Kart

The zippy little Junior Kart makes it safe and fun for your kids to take to the track while you’re having a breather between races. The Junior Kart can be controlled by our pit team to slow down or stop if they look even slightly out of control, and can be sped up if the junior is driving like a miniature Micheal Schumacher.

This Kart is perfect for children of ages 7-13

  • World class safety features
  • Tons of safe fun for children 7-13
  • Karts can be remotely controlled to ensure safety on track
  • Age 7+ years (no exceptions)
  • Min height 120cm

Super Shifter Kart

License required

This kart is the most technically innovative electric kart on the market, making it the undisputed industry leader of electric rental karts. To get your license for these next level karts, you will need to qualify with a “Hot Lap”. These karts are not for the faint of heart, they are so fast they almost get air time going over the bridge!

This kart is for experienced racers

  • Sprint Track License – Get a sub 18.9 second lap time in an adult kart
  • Enduro Track License – Get a sub 46 second lap time in an adult kart
  • Top speed of up to 74km/h with boost
  • Instant torque
  • Incredible acceleration
  • Manual gear shifting – 4 speeds

Storm Duo Kart

Prefer to drive wive a wing-man? Maybe you’ve got a young one who doesn’t want to go out on track alone. Parents can jump in this kart with a young one who is too young to race in a Junior Kart, or you can jump in with a mate for a bit of fun.

This kart is perfect for anyone wanting to race with a buddy

  • Dual controls
  • Top speed of up to 60km/h
  • Instant torque
  • For fun, not for racing
  • Driver age 18+ years
  • Passenger age 4+ years
  • Able to race with Adult Karts and Shifter Karts (not Junior Karts)