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Have a fun time with your young ones on the track together

Have the whole track to yourselves from just $200

Weekday Combined Race


Sunday 4pm until Friday 4pm excluding public holidays. Up to 8 karts on track*

Weekend and Holiday Combined Race


Friday 4pm until Sunday 4pm and on public and school holidays. Up to 8 karts on track*
*Additional racers may be added for an extra cost.

Safety Information

A combined race means that both Junior Karts and Adult Karts are on the track at the same time. This can be dangerous if our instructions are not followed.

The Adult Karts are slowed to reduce the risk of serious injury, and all Adult Kart drivers must ensure that they do not bump into any other karts, especially the Junior Karts. If an Adult Kart is driven into a Junior Kart at any point, the adult will be disqualified and removed from the race immediately.

There are up to 8 karts in each combined race, but we may be able to add more at additional cost. Duo karts may or may not be available for these races. Enquire when booking or book online to see.