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Regularity Race Event at Hyperdrive

(Part of the Safe Driver Challenge)

A Unique Kart Racing Experience

At Hyperdrive, we’re thrilled to introduce our Regularity Race Event – a distinct kart racing competition that prioritises precision and control over sheer speed. Unlike traditional races where the fastest lap time wins, our regularity event challenges drivers to be as consistent as possible across multiple laps.

How It Works:

  1. Practice Session: Participants start with a practice round in our state-of-the-art electric karts. This session isn’t just for fun—it’s for each driver to set a personal benchmark lap time that they believe they can replicate.
  2. Setting the Benchmark: After the practice session, each driver declares their target lap time based on their practice laps. This time should be achievable, consistent, and safe, reflecting the driver’s ability to maintain control and speed with precision.
  3. The Challenge: In the race, the goal for participants is to match their declared lap time as closely as possible in each lap. The winner isn’t the fastest, but the one who demonstrates the greatest consistency, with the smallest deviation from their target time across all laps.
  4. Scoring: Drivers are scored based on the variance from their declared lap time. The lower the variance, the higher the score. This encourages participants to understand their limits and the importance of steady performance, mirroring real-world driving where consistency and control are paramount.

Why It’s Special:

This format emphasises skills crucial for real-life driving, such as maintaining a consistent speed, understanding vehicle dynamics, and enhancing focus. It’s an excellent way for young and new drivers to build confidence behind the wheel in a safe, controlled, and fun environment. Plus, it instills the importance of road safety, making it a perfect blend of education and excitement.

Join us at Hyperdrive for the Regularity Race Event — where precision leads to victory!


If you have a student or students that might like to participate in an event like this, please take this short survey and pass it along to your student’s education providers.